Gordon Food Service Fort Wayne is revolutionizing the food industry

Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurant manages to serve up delicious dishes day after day? Well, it’s all thanks to the innovative suppliers and distributors who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that food gets from farm to table in a timely and efficient manner. And one such company that is leading the charge in this arena is Gordon Food Service Fort Wayne. With their cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability, they are revolutionizing the food industry as we know it. So sit tight as we take a closer look at what sets them apart from the rest!

They have a long history of innovation in the food industry

Gordon Food Service has a long history of innovation in the food industry. From their beginnings as a small, local bakery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Gordon has become one of the largest foodservice providers in the United States.

The company’s success can be attributed to their dedication to customer service and their focus on creating innovative products. They are well known for their bread products, but they also make items such as burgers, salads, desserts, and even coffee. Their products are sold throughout the United States and in over 40 countries worldwide.

One of Gordon’s most recent innovations is their meal kit delivery service. This service allows customers to order pre-made meals that are delivered to their homes every week. The meals are designed to be healthy and convenient, and they come complete with all the ingredients required to make them.

Gordon Food Service Fort Wayne has a focus on sustainable practices

Gordon Food Service Fort Wayne is a sustainability pioneer in the food industry. The company has a focus on environmental, social, and economic responsibility. They are constantly working to improve their practices and make a lasting impact on the world around them.

One way Gordon Food Service Fort is making a difference is by using sustainable seafood practices. They have developed a program called Seafood Watch that helps consumers identify sustainable seafood choices. Through this program, Food Service Fort Wayne hopes to raise awareness about the importance of responsibly fishing and harvesting seafood.

Another way Gordon Service Fort Wayne is helping save the environment is through their use of renewable energy. The company has installed solar panels at several of its facilities, which helps generate electricity that can be used in place of fossil fuels. This saves both money and resources for the company overall.

Gordon Service Fort Wayne uses technology to improve efficiency

Gordon Service Fort Wayne is using technology to improve efficiency. The company has a number of machines that automate different tasks, such as slicing and dicing food. This saves time and allows the company to serve more customers in less time.

The company also uses tablets to keep track of inventory and customers. These tablets allow employees to keep up with their orders quickly and make sure that everyone is getting what they need. This helps the company avoid long lines and quick service disruptions.

Gordon Food Service Wayne is committed to providing the highest quality food

Gordon Food Service Wayne is dedicated to providing the highest quality food and beverage service possible. The company’s commitment to innovation has helped it become one of the most respected food service providers in the country. From its award-winning kitchens to its innovative delivery methods, Gordon Service Fort Wayne is constantly looking out for ways to improve the customer experience.

One of Gordon Food Service most notable innovations is its Mobile Cuisine service. This delivery service allows customers to enjoy delicious meals anywhere they are, no matter how far away from the kitchen. In addition to Mobile Cuisine, Gordon also offers home cooking services through its Cooking at Home program. This program allows customers to order individualized menus that are delivered directly to their homes. Read more…


Gordon Food Service Fort Wayne is changing the food industry for the better by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to common challenges faced by food service operators. Their commitment to service excellence, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility sets them apart from their competitors, and they are making a real difference in the lives of those who rely on them. Thanks Food Service Fort Wayne!

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